How to reuse Airless Bottle

2021-11-26 15:03:58


About Airless Bottle:


How to reuse Airless Bottle? What is the principle?


Airless Bottle products and equipment will be used in a variety of different ways in the process of use. In fact, many people do not have a thorough understanding of the principles of use of this product and equipment. How to reuse product equipment? What is the principle of use?

How to reuse Airless Bottle


1. The principle of use of Airless Bottle


When the Airless Bottle is used, if it is made of plastic, the small spray bottle can squeeze out all the air in it with one click, and most of the rest of it is vacuum. The density of the vacuum is relative to the original air. It will be much smaller. The outside atmosphere can press out all the water, and you can drink beverages through a straw. The principles and methods of this are basically the same. When the Airless Bottle is pressed, the bottom piston will gradually run up, squeezing out all the contents inside. When the contents are used up, the piston will already run to the top, and there is no need to restore it.


2. Can Airless Bottle be reused?


The Airless Bottle itself is a container. They can be isolated from the outside air by gas. In this way, they can effectively isolate the external bacteria. Normally, the contents inside are completely isolated from the outside world to prevent the product from oxidizing due to contact with the air. Or it is the growth of bacteria to reduce skin infections invisibly. When the product equipment is pressed, the piston at the bottom will run up, squeezing out the contents, so when it reaches the top, the entire Airless Bottle can be removed.


Airless Bottle equipment uses the contraction force of the spring in the process of processing, which can quickly prevent the entry of outside air in a short period of time, and push the entire bottom piston forward through atmospheric pressure.


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