Can the Airless Bottle be cleaned

2021-11-26 15:00:12


About Airless Bottle:


Can the Airless Bottle be cleaned? How to reuse?


An airless Bottle basically contains some small samples, but in the process of choosing to load the small samples, for many processors, the most concern is whether it can be cleaned and whether all the substances inside can be removed. If you want to re-use the product, you must consider all aspects of the problem.

Can the Airless Bottle be cleaned


1. Can the Airless Bottle be cleaned?


Airless Bottle is completely washable, because in the process of actual use of the product, most of the areas that can be used in all cosmetics can be washed with rice. Put water in the bottle, which is about 1/4 of the position. , And then put the appropriate rice, close the lid and shake it vigorously. After the rice and the water are fully integrated, you will find that the bottle is still very clean.


2. What is the cleaning method of Airless Bottle?


In fact, if you want to clean the Airless Bottle, you can also clean it by crushing eggshells. Put the crushed eggshells into the bottle, and then add boiling water to the bottle to shake it vigorously, so that the residue in the bottle can be washed away. Things. These methods are relatively easy to use, and the effect is very good, can wash the bottle particularly clean, because the bottle itself will have more residues, if it is not cleaned, it is particularly easy to breed a lot of bacteria.


During the cleaning process of the Airless Bottle, if you are worried that the cleaning is not particularly clean or thorough, you can put 75% alcohol in it. After repeatedly rinsing with clean water several times, you will find that the inside of the bottle is indeed relatively clean, which can also achieve the purpose of disinfection. Try not to keep the alcohol in the bottle for too long to avoid danger.


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