How to reuse cosmetic bottles

2021-11-25 11:47:36


About cosmetic bottle:


How to reuse cosmetic bottles? What are the uses?


Cosmetic bottles will have a variety of different uses in the actual application process. In fact, many people don't know the application of this product equipment thoroughly.

How to reuse cosmetic bottles


1. Can cosmetic bottles be filled with cream?


Generally speaking, when choosing these product bottles, merchants may consider the material of the bottle. In this case, they may consider the fluidity of these liquids. If the texture is too viscous, basically use the bottom. The paste will change as it moves upwards. Generally speaking, during the use of the cosmetic bottle, there is not much correlation with the concentration of the product. That is to say, the product will not be able to be compressed after it is used up. If it is an ordinary air-compression type cosmetic bottle, it basically depends on the nature of the product contained in it. It is not the concentration, but the fluidity, which is an important method for investigating viscosity.


2. How to put down that layer after the cosmetic bottle is used up?


In the process of product processing and use, all active trays should be taken into consideration. The trays are constantly rising during use. Until the top of the bottle is used up, the top of the bottle meets certain requirements. The tray can be pushed down and repeated. For flushing, the indenter should be pressed repeatedly. In this case, you can pour it into the skin care product after wiping off the moisture. If you are not satisfied, it does not matter. You can press the pressure head continuously.


How to effectively apply cosmetic bottles during use? The above products are widely used, and we can learn more about them when using them. A good product can only bring a better experience if the application mode is mastered.


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