What is the plastic bottle recycling market

What is the plastic bottle recycling market

2021-04-16 14:58:37

  Plastic bottles of various materials, although enriching the plastic bottle market, provide people with various choices. But in the recycling process, starting from sorting, a lot of work has been increased for recycling. This problem can only be solved by increasing the utilization rate of plastic bottles from two aspects: improving the channels for recycling all kinds of plastic bottles and reducing PET plastic bottles.

  First, speed up the research on the recycling and reuse of plastic bottles of various materials. Only when these plastic bottles have value in the recycling market can it trigger the market's enthusiasm for plastic bottle recycling and greatly increase the recycling rate of plastic bottles. Therefore, it is very important to accelerate the research on the reuse of recycled plastic bottles. Secondly, reduce the use rate of other plastic bottles except PET plastic bottles, and increase the promotion and use rate of environmentally friendly packaging materials such as PET plastic bottles and glass bottles. If the recycling rate of these plastic bottles can be effectively reduced, the pressure on the environment will naturally be relieved.

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  For plastic bottles, there are many kinds of materials produced, from PET, PP, PE, PVC and so on. Among plastic bottles of various materials, PET plastic bottles have the highest recycling rate. However, the recycling rate of plastic bottles of other materials is very low, and some plastic bottles are almost no one in the recycling market. A large amount of waste is accumulated in the wild, causing great damage to the environment. It is urgent to solve the problem of low recycling rate of plastic bottles of other materials besides PET plastic bottles.

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