What is the challenge of plastic bottle packaging

What is the challenge of plastic bottle packaging

2021-04-15 15:34:43

  Today, plastic bottles pose a huge challenge in the cosmetic bottle market. In the competition between plastics and glass, cosmetic packaging can be described as one of the most stable positions held by glass packaging. With the continuous development of various new plastic materials, plastic packaging with the same transparent texture as glass, with its richer color effects and more convenient processing performance than glass packaging, is quietly entering the high-end cosmetic packaging market, and with more abundant The image highlights the charm of cosmetics. Therefore, plastic bottles occupy an increasing proportion in the cosmetic bottle market, but also have challenges.

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  Various new materials, new technologies and new craftsmanship continue to emerge, providing more abundant choices for cosmetic packaging design. For high-end cosmetics, in order to achieve the desired effect, designers and packaging manufacturers make unremitting efforts to develop the most perfect packaging design.

  The challenge of transparency

  The trend of transparency is a challenge for the entire packaging. China YAKIN packaging provides experiences with a perfume bottle with a small pump. The plastic driver and ring of the pump use a special material to achieve a transparent effect, and the matching cover and bottle body are also completely transparent. The vice president of sales of China YAKIN packaging said: It is indeed a challenge to achieve the level of transparency required by major national brands. We have never made a pump body with a completely transparent structure before, so we have to deal with different materials Carry out a lot of experiments to achieve the desired results.

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