What are the processing techniques of Acrylic Bottle

2021-11-26 15:10:52


About Acrylic Bottle:


What are the processing techniques of Acrylic Bottle? How is Acrylic Bottle processed?


When Acrylic Bottle products are processed, there will be a variety of different processing techniques, and each processing technique has its own fixed characteristics. When we choose products, how to carry out effective processing.


1. Pouring molding: Acrylic Bottle equipment is processed at the same time because the technology of this product is better applied to all plexiglass plates, or other plate processing, so they can have more processing and synthesis methods. Related processing should be carried out in the background products, and the final processing conditions are two hours of heat preservation below 60 °C and two hours of heat preservation below 120 °C.

What are the processing techniques of Acrylic Bottle


2. Injection molding: The biggest feature of this processing technology is that it can be processed by the particulate matter obtained by suspension polymerization. The biggest molding is that they can meet the existing processing needs while processing, and can meet the internal stress during subsequent processing. The processing is carried out in a hot-air drying circulating drying box at 70 °C to 80 °C. The processing time is basically controlled at about 4 hours.


3. Extrusion molding: Acrylic Bottle can be processed by extrusion molding. There are many plexiglass materials in it, and the materials of the entire equipment, especially the plate during the production process, the polymer molecules are relatively small, and the heat resistance is good. Solvent resistance can't keep up with the cast sheet, and it is difficult to manufacture the original sheet model.


What kind of preparation process does the Acrylic Bottle equipment have in the process of processing? The above processing techniques are relatively common, in addition to carving and cutting. Only in this way can the actual processing requirements of the existing products be met, and thus better use effects can be brought about.


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