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Round Acrylic Bottle India

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Product type:  Cosmetic Bottle

Model:  YK14

Customized: Logo Customization

Minimum Order: 5000

Origin:  Zhejiang

Purpose:Cosmetic ,Skin care 

Round Acrylic Bottle India - YAKIN Acrylic Bottle


    Item No. Capacity Diameter Height
    30ml 38mm 109mm
    YK14-L50 50ml 38mm 129mm
    YK14-L80 80ml 38mm 160mm


    Blue airless cosmetic bottles

  • Blue airless cosmetic bottles


    About Round Acrylic Bottle India:


    There are also differences in the environmental protection of the use of acrylic bottles. Some manufacturers use high-standard materials in their production, and their materials can be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Naturally. The quality is better, but there are also some that often do not have the above advantages. Their lack of materials will make their chemical residues more serious, so it is difficult to make them up to standards.


    In addition, for the use of acrylic bottles, because various products need to be packaged, it is natural to allow them to reach the corresponding time in use, so the corresponding firmness is also required in the process of concentration. But different manufacturers have different technologies and different production materials, so their product quality will also have corresponding differences.


    Round Acrylic Bottle India


    Yakin Cosmetic Packaging is one of the top Custom Plastic Bottles Manufacturers that focuses on Cosmetic Bottle ODM. We solemnly promise to provide your products with excellent quality, reasonable prices and the highest cost performance.


    Welcome to choose YAKIN packaging - one of the top Custom Plastic Bottles Manufacturers that focuses on Cosmetic Bottle ODM.


    For more product information about YouTube information on Round Acrylic Bottle India news, you can click on the relevant link below.

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