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Mini Metal Cosmetic Spatula

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Product type: Metal Cosmetic Spatula

Customized: Logo Customization

Purpose: Massage

Model: YK15

Material: Zinc

Diameter: 98mm 

Length: 100mm   

Weight: 140g

YK15 Mini Metal Cosmetic Spatula

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      A Mini Metal Cosmetic Spatula is a small, hand-held tool that is used to apply makeup, especially foundation and concealer. The spatula has a flat, blunt edge that is perfect for smoothing out product and creating an even layer on the skin. Many people find that using a spatula gives them more control over the amount of product they are applying, and it also helps to avoid wasting any product that would be left on their fingers.
    Mini Metal Cosmetic Spatulas are used to scoop out makeup products from their containers and then apply them to the face. They can be used with foundation, concealer, powder, blush, and other types of makeup. Spatulas can help to avoid wasting product, and they can also provide a more even application than fingers or brushes.If you are looking for an even application of makeup, a metal cosmetic spatula is a good option to consider.  
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