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benefit cosmetics water bottle

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  tarte cosmetics water bottle is a new invention that helps you to stay hydrated while you are applying your makeup. The bottle has a built-in filter that helps to reduce the amount of bacteria in the water and it also has a spout so that you can easily pour the water into your makeup. The bottle is made from high quality materials and it is comfortable to hold.

  tarte cosmetics water bottle is a great way to stay hydrated while you are on the go. Not only does it help keep you refreshed, but also it keeps your makeup in place all day long. This is a great option for people who are on the go and need to keep their makeup looking perfect.

benefit cosmetics water bottle - YAKIN Cosmetic packaging



      tarte cosmetics water bottle - Mini Aluminum Bottles, with Fine Mist Sprayers, and Transparent Dust caps. The white mist sprayer functions great for essential oil spray, aromatherapy, hair spray bottle, air fresheners, room sprays, body sprays, DIY beauty products, pillow mist, and any other mixtures you can think of!


      benefit cosmetics water bottle - 4.0oz/120ml Small size bottle is great for travel, on the go, to the gym, in your handbag, or sharing samples; even use for stocking stuffers!



      benefit cosmetics water bottle - Made of aluminum, more durable and light-proof, Aluminum bottles are safer and greener for its long useage life than plastic spray bottles.


      benefit cosmetics water bottle - Press the middle of the spray bottle pump head to prevent the wrong way of pressing, If the sprayer hose longer than the bottles.This does not affect use. And you can also cut out some to meet your needs.


      benefit cosmetics water bottle - Our atomizers provide just right light misting, not possible with larger sprayers. Metal containers are sturdy & provide UV light protection. No worries about dropping & breaking as with glass.

    Clear plastic cap snaps on for easy storage or transport.


      benefit cosmetics water bottle - Our little atomizer bottles are perfect for re-packaging commercial ingredients in a convenient size or making your own DIY blends for personal use or gifting.

      Small enough to fit in your purse or bag


      benefit cosmetics water bottle - Heavy oil by itself will not spritz. Even aerosol cans of oil spray have grain alcohol added. You can create a great blend by combining oil with water, or witch hazel. And please let us know if you EVER find a regular spray bottle that can spray heavy oil by itself as we’d love to have this magic bottle!

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