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cosmetic bottles near me

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cosmetic bottles near me are becoming more popular than ever. They come in many different shapes and sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes. Some people use them to store their makeup, while others use them to store their perfume. There are even some novelty cosmetic bottles out there!

cosmetic bottles near me - YAKIN Cosmetic packaging

  •   cosmetic bottles near me

      Dimensions: Outer - 1.2 inch x 0.6 inch / Inner - h (0.46 in) w (0.97 in)

      High Quality Acrylic Resistant to Breaking and Warping, BPA Free

      Use to store a wide variety of items from food to cosmetics to art supplies and hardware. Possibilities are endless!

      1. cosmetic bottles near me - With sterile travel water bottles, your skin care products will stay fresher for a longer period of time, thereby extending their shelf life and preventing any bacterial or contamination contamination. Leak-proof travel bottle-carry it with you and travel easily-no need to worry about it.

      2. cosmetic bottles near me - High quality air distributor-100% without BPA and TSA airline approval. 5 inches in height and 1.5 inches in diameter-made in the USA-1 oz airless pump bottle is lightweight, leakproof and shockproof.

      3. cosmetic bottles near me - FOR is the perfect dispenser for skin care products, such as foundations, serums, creams, lotions, moisturizers or DIY skin care products. Frosted silver cover, transparent body, shiny silver collar.

      4. cosmetic bottles near me - Advantages of airless pump bottle-reduce waste-no longer use squeeze tube-no more fingers in skin care products-prevent skin care products from becoming too thick-smooth delivery and more precise formulation dosage-very easy to fill-get immediately Refillable without air pump bottle.

               cosmetic bottles near me - China YAKIN packaging is one of the leading plastic bottle, cosmetic bottle, cosmetic spatula, acrylic bottle manufacturers and suppliers in China, also supporting customized service. Be free to wholesale high quality products from our factory.

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