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amber airless pump bottle

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The amber airless pump bottle is perfect for personal care products. The amber airless pump bottle is also easy to clean and doesn't require any special care.

amber airless pump bottle - YAKIN Cosmetic packaging

  • Amber vacuum pump bottles are a great solution for those looking for an eco-friendly way to dispense medication. The bottle uses gas instead of liquid to create the vacuum, which means it can be used with any medication. This is a great option for patients who are on the go and don't have time to waste fumbling around with the pump.


    amber airless pump bottle YAKIN Cosmetic packaging

    Airless spray bottles are made of high quality plastic (PP), BPA free and odorless, TSA approval; The spray bottle size is 1oz/30ml, pack of 4

    amber airless pump bottle are sturdy and durable,lightweight and portable, suitable for travel, on the go and outside

    amber airless pump bottle adopted air pump technology instead of a pump with a straw, your products inside can be isolated form the air and impurities, avoiding pollution

    Airless pump and spray bottle comes with a cap, no leakage and spills, clear bottle for easily seeing the amounts of the products inside

    Airless travel size spray bottle with fine mist spray-head ideal for water, essential oils, facial toners, hair spray, air freshners, cosmetic beauty products, etc

    amber airless pump bottle YAKIN Cosmetic packaging

    Product description


    Material: AS and PP plastic


    Small and portable Reusable and no harmful Air free design, clean and leak-proof

    amber airless pump bottle protects the product from UV light

    amber airless pump bottle prevents oxidation and contamination

    amber airless pump bottle is easy to use and clean

    The pump produces a fine mist that allows for even coverage

    The bottle is durable and will not break


    Airless refillable spray bottle suitable for water, essences, toner, smoothing water, rose water and more

    Usage tips:

    Only when the airless bottle is fully filled can it work appropriately. You need to push down the vacuum plate before reusing. Please do not use hot water to wash these bottles.

    Package included:

    4 x 1 oz airless spray bottle

    amber airless pump bottle YAKIN Cosmetic packaging

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