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cosmetic spatula target

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cosmetic spatula target-A makeup scraper is a makeup tool used to smooth foundations, BB creams and other makeup. This small, thin tool is made of plastic or metal and has a tip that can be used to mix the product into the skin.

cosmetic spatula target - YAKIN Cosmetic packaging

  • cosmetic spatula target YAKIN Cosmetic packaging

    Zinc alloy material, durable, smooth surface,improve eye microcirculation.

    ❤ Unique design, one end of the massager is the spoon for the cream to prevent the cream pollution;The other end is the eye cream massager to promote eye cream absorption, but also can reduce the edema of the eye.

    ❤ The design is small, easy to carry, beautiful and portable.

    ❤ Helps to reduce eye puffy, black bags under the eyes, shade,and uneven skin-tone.Relieve fatigue, accelerate blood circulation, and promote metabolism.

    ❤ Comfortable skin, smooth wrinkles, make your eyes look good(Very easy to use, don’t need to worry about massage method).


    How to use:

    Take an appropriate amount of face cream, eye cream, mask, essence, etc., apply to the face and eye area twice a day in the morning and evening, gently massage the skin, and then tap with your fingertips to promote product absorption.


    cosmetic spatula target YAKIN Cosmetic packaging

    cosmetic spatula target-These spoons are specially designed for use with makeup and other skin care products. They're lightweight and easy to use, so you'll be able to get work done faster and more efficiently. So whether you're using foundation or concealer, be sure to have your makeup scraper handy!

    cosmetic spatula target-As a beauty lover, you know that one of the most important tools in your arsenal is a quality cosmetic scraper. Getting it right can make makeup a breeze, and getting it wrong isn't just painful and frustrating; it can damage your makeup and even your skin.

    Cosmetic Scraper Target YAKIN Cosmetic Packaging



    1.Due to the difference of manual measurement, please allow slight size difference;Due to different lighting and screen Settings, the color of the project may be slightly different from the image.

    2. In consideration of the customer's experience, please note before purchasing: the actual color of the eye massage stick is slightly darker than the product display picture!

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