What are the criteria for purchasing cosmetic bottles

2021-04-21 14:54:04


  Companies that produce cosmetics have put forward higher requirements for cosmetic bottles, because cosmetic companies will have different selection criteria when producing these products, so what are the criteria in the purchase process?

cosmetic bottles


  Standard 1: Material selection


  Different cosmetic bottles will have different materials during actual production. Generally speaking, the glass material is still relatively consistent, with more shapes and rich processing techniques. In this case, it will be matched with the lid of the entire bottle. In this way, a variety of selection criteria can be formed. Some of the most common bottle shapes are cylindrical, elliptical, and conical or flat. Each manufacturer has different requirements for cosmetics, so the materials will be more or less different.


  Standard 2: Silk screen


  Generally speaking, there are many silk screens on cosmetic bottles. One is the process of high temperature ink. This process is not easy to decolor at all, but it is more stable and dull from the color point of view. The other is a low-temperature ink process. Such a product has a brighter color and higher requirements for ink.


  What standards should be mastered in the process of purchasing cosmetic bottles? The above two standards are more important, so you must check it out when you choose.

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