How to choose cosmetic bottles

2021-04-20 15:27:44


  Manufacturers of cosmetics must know how to choose a manufacturer when choosing a cosmetic bottle? After all, they will have more requirements for bottles, and if they cannot grasp better selection criteria, they will have an impact on themselves.

cosmetic bottles


  First, the bottle capacity


  Different cosmetic bottles will have different capacities. In fact, from the current situation, some bottles may have a capacity of 100 ml, some bottles may have a capacity of 200 ml, and some bottles may have a larger capacity. The key is that the production standards of each cosmetic bottle manufacturer are also the plain requirements of each manufacturer when choosing these manufacturers. It is recommended that each company choose according to its own actual situation, because only in this way can it bring better choice to protection.


  Second, the type of bottle


  Most businesses will know the type of bottle when choosing a cosmetic bottle. Some are wide-mouthed bottles, and some are narrow-mouthed bottles. In general, solid pastes can be applied to some wide-mouthed bottle choices. In this case, the bottle caps will have the effect of color spraying, and you can match them with some plastic caps. If it is an emulsion or liquid type paste, it is usually a narrow-mouthed bottle.


  What influencing factors should be considered when choosing cosmetic bottles? The above two selection criteria are very important.

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