Online shopping cosmetic bottles take the plastic route

Online shopping cosmetic bottles take the plastic route

2021-04-09 10:17:11

In the traditional shopping mode, glass cosmetic bottles are more popular because they are more upscale under the illumination of lights. But with the advent of the e-commerce era, more and more consumers have begun to buy cosmetics directly online. More cosmetics are sold not through the counter, but through pictures and online shop counters.

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It cannot be denied that online shopping for cosmetics brings convenience and speed. There is a transportation problem involved in online shopping. For the online shopping market, plastic cosmetic bottles are more suitable.

It is difficult to guarantee that glass cosmetic bottles will break during transportation. In some online shops, because the glass cosmetic bottles are packaged with three layers inside and three layers outside, it also causes waste to a certain extent.

The plastic cosmetic bottle can easily avoid the problem of breakage. Moreover, in terms of the material cost of cosmetic bottles, plastic cosmetic bottles are cheaper than glass cosmetic bottles, which is more conducive to curbing the luxury of cosmetic bottle packaging.

For plastic bottle manufacturers, the growth of the online shopping market is an opportunity for the rise of plastic cosmetic bottles.

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