The wide application of plastic bottles in the daily chemical industry

2021-04-09 10:09:39

How are plastic bottles widely used in the daily chemical industry?

1. Focus on packaging marketing design and improve product competitiveness

Consumers have different shopping psychology due to differences in age, gender, occupation, culture, and economic level. Therefore, different packaging design strategies should be determined according to product positioning and differences in consumer groups. The first is a series of packaging. Detergents, especially shampoos, often consist of a series of products with different functions. The patterns are completely the same, and only different functions are marked in different colors.

For example, the soft "Shouwu black hair" bottle body is black, giving people the image of black and shiny hair, and "moisturizing and anti-dandruff" is emerald green, giving people a fresh visual effect. The second is the combination package, that is, the products for related purposes are concentrated in a large package and sold at the same time. Shampoo and hand soap or foam bath lotion and facial cleanser are packaged in a transparent small handbag, and the price is slightly cheaper than that of a single product. . Setting up simulated shelves to check the aesthetics of packaging design is a common guide for P&G, and it is worthy of reference by domestic enterprises.

plastic bottles

2. The application of in-mold labeling technology has improved the packaging of cosmetics and detergents

In-mold labeling technology has been applied abroad for quite some time. The production and application of in-mold labeling and in-mold labeling machines have been very mature. In-mold labeling is a new type of packaging that is different from traditional label packaging. Label packaging forms The traditional label packaging forms mainly include heat shrink label packaging, self-adhesive label packaging and direct screen printing label packaging. His appearance has brought a very significant revolution to label packaging.

Compared with the traditional label packaging form, the advantages of in-mold labeling: 1. It plays a role of anti-counterfeiting, 2. It improves the product grade, the label color is brighter, and the hand feels smooth. 3. The production process is simplified and the production efficiency is greatly improved. 4. In-mold labeling products have strong practicability, low loss, and will not be warped or damaged. They are also waterproof, oil-proof, acid and alkali resistant, and abrasion resistant. Disposal, labels and products can be recycled at the same time, which simplifies the regeneration process and takes into account Environmental protection.

At present, more and more cosmetics and detergent manufacturers in China choose in-mold labeling plastic bottles to package their products. For example, Wuhan Sibao Company, Meiyu, Guangzhou Blue Moon and other companies are the first daily chemical companies to use in-mold labeling. First, Sibao currently uses all plastic containers with in-mold labeling. In-mold labeling technology will be more and more widely used in cosmetics, detergents, daily chemicals and other industries, and it will become more and more popular with consumers.

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