Why are there bubbles in plastic bottles

Why are there bubbles in plastic bottles

2021-04-27 15:09:38

  In recent years, there are many types of cosmetic bottles. In addition to glass materials, acrylic and plastic bottles are also widely used in cosmetic packaging. But there are also some careful friends who have such questions. Then there are some bubbles in the cosmetic plastic bottles, and these bubbles will directly cause the product to fail the test. So what causes the bubbles in the plastic bottle? The following editor will give you a brief introduction.

plastic bottles

  First of all, a large part of the reason why plastic bottles have bubbles is that their speed is too fast, causing the molten plastic to decompose due to large shearing, thereby generating gas. And because the product is locally cooled too fast, it shrinks unevenly, especially when the product has a large wall thickness, the cooling speed of the surface is much faster than that of the center part, which makes the center part underfilled and bubbles will also appear .

  Secondly, bubbles appear in plastic bottles. In addition to process reasons, there are also some reasons, which are due to material factors. For example, when there is moisture in the raw materials or mold factors, bubbles will also appear.

  Therefore, in the process of making plastic bottles, we must also pay attention to many factors in order to make a perfect bottle.

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