What is the principle of choosing plastic bottles

2021-04-21 15:02:52


  Plastic bottles play a vital role for many manufacturers in demand. Now many people simply don't know how to choose plastic bottles. In fact, when choosing a plastic bottle, everyone will consider all aspects of the principle. How to choose a plastic bottle?

plastic bottles


  Principle 1: Safety and environmental protection


  When choosing a plastic bottle, it is recommended that you look at the production standards of the entire bottle, to see if the bottle has other flavors, and to see if the bottle is non-toxic. Because there are many types of raw materials that can be selected for each product, higher requirements are placed on plastic bottles in this case. Some require the bottle to be made of polyethylene material, and some require the bottle to be made of other materials. When choosing, we must pay attention to it. It is recommended that we choose a material with relatively good light blocking performance.


  Principle 2: The tightness of the bottle and lid


  When choosing a plastic bottle, you can check whether the bottle and lid are sealed, and check the transparency of water vapor. These are more important, because these two important indicators are good inspection standards. In this case, the packaging products Stability will play a vital role.


  What are the choices when choosing a plastic bottle? Through the above introduction, everyone should have an understanding. We can look at it more when we choose, so as to ensure that we choose a good bottle.

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