Uses and Benefits of Acrylic Bottles

2022-02-09 09:35:39


About Acrylic Bottle:


Uses and Benefits of Acrylic Bottles




These bottles can be filled with lotion, perfume, nail polish, foundation or other types of cosmetic products. They come in a variety of sizes, which means that they can fit in a bag or a purse. Acrylic plastic bottles are ideal for packaging cosmetics because they look like glass, yet are more durable. They are also of higher quality as compared to PET, PC or PP plastics.




Acrylic plastic is ideal for cosmetic products because it is very durable and more affordable as compared to glass. They can be produced in large quantities for bulk orders in a short amount of time. Acrylic plastic bottles are also lighter than glass, yet they are sturdier than PP plastic. It is also easy to label acrylic plastics for branding purposes.




Acrylic bottles can come in different shapes and sizes. They are usually in tube or cylinder shapes. However, they also come in heart shapes, square shapes or pyramid shapes. The size of the bottle depends on the cosmetic substance to be stored inside the container. These vary from anything under 30 ml up to 750 ml. Nail polish bottles are usually very small, whereas lotion bottles can be very large. Acrylic bottles can be manufactured in different sizes, depending on the requirements of the cosmetic company.


Acrylic Bottle




Acrylic plastic is usually clear and uncolored. However, plastic bottles made from this material can be tinted before the container is formed. This means that it can come in many different colors and levels of transparency. There are some acrylic cosmetic containers that come in a gradient where the bottom can be tinted and the top remains transparent.




Acrylic bottles can have an embossed design which can act as the label. These can also have aluminum strips for aesthetic purposes. Aluminum strips are simply attached to the body of the bottle and are coated with a metallic sheet for an elegant design. They can also be lightly powder coated so that the bottle is not transparent or opaque. Sticker labels can be easily attached to acrylic cosmetic containers.




These cosmetic containers can be used for a variety of products. The type of product that are stored in acrylic bottles determine the attachment, lid or cover which is to be used. Attachments such as mist sprayers, finger sprayers or lotion pumps are commonly used for different cosmetic liquids. However, if a product can be applied by pouring, the bottle can have a simple PP plastic or aluminum cap which can be smooth or ribbed.




There are a number of acrylic containers in the market that are from a combination of recycled plastics. These acrylic containers have PP plastic, PC plastic and acrylic material. Most acrylic plastic containers are recyclable and can be reused or refilled.


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