Some benefits of Airless Bottle

2022-02-15 10:57:39


Some benefits of Airless Bottle:


Contamination Issues


The liquid contents of airless bottles do not touch any metal springs which can cause oxidization problems. In the cosmetic industry, oxidization can occur when the liquid contents meet the metal spring in the actuator of the pump. An ugly brown or orange residue can appear around the dispensing pump. Airless bottle pumps have been designed so the liquid does not encounter the spring.


Back Flow


Normal dispensing pumps can allow air to travel back into the bottle when dispensed. As air contacts the liquid product; it can cause a reduction in shelf life. Airless bottles with pumps don’t allow back-flow due to the container being sealed. This solves the air flow problem.


Airless Bottle

Organic and Naturals


The sealed chamber and vacuum design allows for less or no chemical preservatives to be added. This allows for organic and natural creams, liquids and serums to be used. These types of product ranges have become very popular with consumers.


Vertical or Horizontal


An airless container can lie on its side or be stored upside down. This will not affect the dispensing of the product. Again, this is due to the vacuum dispensing effect. A great marketing angle for sports, travel or commercial marketing.


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