How to design cosmetic bottle style

How to design cosmetic bottle style

2021-04-27 15:15:31

  Cosmetic bottles also play a very important role in cosmetics, and their beautiful design also attracts the attention of many potential users. It can be said that the design of cosmetic bottle style also plays a very important role in customer brand experience, so how should the cosmetic bottle style be better designed? Are there any details that require special attention? The following editor will give you a brief introduction.

Cosmetic bottles

  If you want to design a cosmetic bottle style, you first need to determine whether the cosmetic bottle is better for the entire brand experience. It can be said that in the process of selling cosmetics, whether they are selling online or in physical stores, they also need to be packaged as part of the overall brand experience. If the packaging style design is not consistent with the brand design, It will also affect the overall sales of cosmetics.

  In addition to paying attention to the appearance design, when designing the cosmetic bottle style, also pay attention to what the brand image of the cosmetics looks like. If the target users of sales are young customers, then when designing the color, don't be too old-fashioned, but be more fashionable.

  In addition, when designing cosmetic bottles, in addition to paying attention to the above points, there is one more thing to pay attention to, that is, the choice of cosmetic color.

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