Benefits of PET Plastic Bottles

2022-02-18 13:53:25


Benefits of PET Plastic Bottles:


Have you ever glanced at the bottom of a product in a plastic bottle or jar to see what it’s made out of? There’s a strong chance you have encountered one made from polyethylene terephthalate (PETE or PET). It’s strong, break-resistant, and can be as clear as glass bottles or jars. PET makes an excellent choice as a material in many industries. Factors such as its chemical resistance, strength-to-weight ratio, shatterproof properties, and low-cost to product make it an accessible solution for consumable product packaging.


Advantages of Using PET Plastic Bottles


First, we would like to clear up a few common misconceptions about plastic bottles.


Some plastic bottles are not recyclable


Yes, there are recycling and waste management companies that have restrictions on certain plastic products, but overall you should be able to recycle any plastic product that you purchase from a grocery store. This includes the single-use bags!


Plastic creates the most litter


It’s actually cigarette butts that are the most common piece of litter in the world. While it’s unfortunate to see plastic in the environment, it can always be picked up and recycled.


Plastic bottles and food containers cause cancer


This myth started as a viral email and has since spread. There has yet to be a current link to this myth based on current evidence and scientific studies over the last 10 years


PET plastic bottles have many advantages for not only for the products being stored but also for the consumer and environment. Some of these advantages include:


Plastic Bottles

Energy savings:


PET packaging uses significantly less energy and natural resources during the manufacturing process compared to glass packaging production. This includes fossil fuels and water.




Did you know that 100% of PET plastic bottles can be recycled? Through modern advancements in manufacturing technology plastic bottles have been redesigned to be 30% lighter, reducing the amount of plastic used to make them.


Chemical resistance:


PET creates a strong barrier with the outside environment allowing little to no oxygen passthrough. It does not react with water nor food, making it perfect for packaging consumable goods.




Unlike glass, PET plastic it will not break or shatter. This makes it a safer option than a glass container. This also makes it safer and cheaper to transport once filled.




Since PET can be molded into different shapes at a lower cost than glass, it makes it easier for brands to have a distinctive packing design to identify and promote their products and help stand out of the store shelf.


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