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80ml 100ml 120ml Cylinder Airless Pump Bottle

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Product type:  Airless Bottle



Model:  YK14

Customized: Logo Customization

Minimum Order: 5000

Purpose:Cosmetic ,Skin care 

80ml 100ml 120ml Cylinder Airless Pump Bottle


    Item No. Capacity Diameter Height
    30ml 38mm 109mm
    YK14-L50 50ml 38mm 129mm
    YK14-L80 80ml 38mm 160mm


    Product Display
      Cylinder Airless Pump Bottles are a type of packaging that is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry. These bottles are designed to dispense product without the use of a pump or other moving parts, which makes them ideal for products that are sensitive to air and light. Blue airless bottles are also often made from recyclable materials, which makes them a more sustainable choice than traditional plastic packaging.
    Cylinder Airless Pump Bottles are ideal for a wide range of products, from serums and lotions to gels and creams. The sleek, modern design is perfect for any beauty product, and the airless pump ensures that your product stays fresh and uncontaminated. The pump also provides a precise dosage of product with each pump, so you can be sure that you're getting just the right amount.  
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