Why is it difficult to implement low-carbon glass cosmetic bottles

2021-04-15 15:38:00

  Why is it difficult to implement low-carbon glass cosmetic bottles? Recently in Shanghai New International Convention and Exhibition Center, some companies put forward the concept of "low-carbon" outer packaging.

  1. Low-carbon packaging materials;

  2. Low-carbon processing methods;

  3. Low-carbon transportation mode.

  The so-called low-carbon material refers to the use of materials with long service life and convenient recycling, such as glass bottles; and low-carbon processing refers to the use of low-temperature methods instead of high-temperature methods for decals, spraying and printing, which can greatly reduce energy consumption; transportation mode Low-carbonization refers to the choice of transportation modes with the lowest energy consumption cost per product in markets with different mileages from production companies. For example, water transportation or sea transportation is a transportation mode with lower unit energy consumption.

cosmetic bottles

  However, judging from the customer's response, the enhancement of customers' intent to place orders is not directly related to the company's low-carbon concept. This increase in order intentions is more of a response to the double superposition of the economic rebound in the post-crisis era and the Expo effect. This article would like to further explore the reasons behind the difficulty of promoting the low-carbon concept of glass cosmetic bottles in domestic enterprises.

  The low-carbon concept suffered in actual trade reflects to a certain extent that the development of business ethics in China is still in its infancy, and many companies still take profit as their only goal. The implementation of low-carbon processes requires additional investment, which is precisely what most companies cannot tolerate. In addition, the economic source of environmental pollution is due to the external uneconomic of the environment, that is, the activities of producers or consumers have an impact on other producers and consumers beyond the scope of the main body, which brings economic losses or additional costs to the latter. Costs, and this part of the cost is not borne by the actors, but by others or society. This has led to the fact that the enterprises as the main body of production do not care about the "low-carbon" model. On the contrary, the government, which has no direct connection with production, is concerned, but its force is relatively weak.

  However, considering today’s severe environmental pollution, for our common blue planet, our company China YAKIN packaging will still insist on developing glass cosmetic bottles in a low-carbon direction.

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