What preparations are needed to design cosmetic bottle packaging

2021-03-31 18:01:47

Before the cosmetic bottle design, we at China YAKIN packaging have to carry out a rough preparation plan, which includes the basic points of attention to the cosmetic bottle design and the general process. Next, YAKIN will introduce to you: What are the preparations before cosmetic bottle design?

First of all, first clarify the selling point of cosmetics and the target consumer group, and design according to the psychology of the consumer group. Specifically, there are three points to pay attention to:

1. Strategy: to whom we sell our cosmetic products, and whether there is room for visual expression of the selling point of the product;

2. Implementation: Tonal positioning of cosmetic bottle design, exquisite, simple, simple, luxurious, etc., first positioning and then design;

3. Adjustment: Whether the color and layout of the cosmetic bottle design are just right, whether the craftsmanship, structure, material, and cost are reasonable, and whether there is a more cost-effective filing.

Secondly, the display function and capacity of cosmetic bottle design. The glass bottle makes the product have a display effect. The bottle design scheme can be designed according to the beautiful and generous shape, gorgeous color, smooth surface and light transmittance, showing the display effect of the information product. Attract consumers and arouse consumers' desire to buy. The glass bottle should have the function of being convenient to use. The cosmetic bottle design of the bottle should take into account the convenience of opening, and can be opened and closed several times, and the content of the pouring should be convenient, and it must not cause sputtering injury.

Cosmetic bottle design is not like other product design schemes. The capacity must be very accurate. Today's model design mobile phone software can measure the capacity, but if your bottle design is done well and does not meet the capacity, It is necessary to adjust the capacity without destroying the proportion of the design scheme. This is still going on. There is also a problem with bottle specifications and packaging specifications. Therefore, the proportion of the design scheme should be maintained as much as possible under the condition of ensuring the capacity and the limited size specifications. Relevance is a challenge.

Furthermore, the cosmetic bottle design scheme must conform to the product positioning. The gas field transmitted by the cosmetic bottle design scheme should be consistent with that of the cosmetic brand. The popularity of its own brand is accumulated in the whole process of long-term marketing and promotion. Each product needs to be the same as the core concept of the overall aura of the brand, so that customers can create an overall thinking impression of the well-known brand.

In addition, the common problem of most products in the sales market is lack of characteristics, causing customers to not recognize the products and well-known brands. How to make your products quickly attract the attention of customers on the storage shelves? Diversity is an essential element of products One, so our cosmetic bottle designer at YAKIN packaging will definitely take a different approach when designing, designing a unique bottle shape that satisfies consumers.

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