What is the design concept of cosmetic bottles

2021-04-19 16:58:57


  What is the design concept of the cosmetic bottle?


  As the inner packaging of cosmetics, the importance of cosmetic bottles is self-evident. However, packaging is an art, and the definition of packaging is different in different industries. In the cosmetics industry, the packaging of the bottles requires What are the key points?

cosmetic bottles


  1: Meet the needs of users of cosmetics


  For example, cream bottles should be wide-mouthed for the convenience of users. The bottling of liquid cosmetics requires the material to be transparent and crystal clear, so that the liquid will appear very crystal clear and transparent.


  2: In line with the theme of the product


  For example, some cosmetics companies launch fresh series of cosmetics, so the style of their packaging bottles should be composed of light colors and simple lines as much as possible, which should conform to the main product of the product, and echo the product, to achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.


  3: simple but not simple


  At present, the fierce competition in the cosmetics market has led to the urgent need for manufacturers to increase their brand and sales through cosmetic packaging bottles. Therefore, major cosmetic packaging materials manufacturers have racked their brains to conceive the style of packaging bottles, which are colorful and strange in shape. As everyone knows, although there are many Yingying and Yanyan, they are all things in the end. Only simple and decent are the first-class products. It can be seen that the more brand-name products, the simpler the packaging bottle, but there is no lack of high-end atmosphere, so it is the verification of this sentence-simple but not simple.

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