True bottle introduction of cosmetic package knowledge

2021-04-07 15:04:38

A vacuum bottle refers to a container that enables a container or an external temperature isolated from an external temperature. Its contents and air can be completely isolated, avoiding the product by exposure to air, breeding bacteria, and enhances product grade with its high-tech concept. The vacuum bottle on the market is composed of a cylindrical ellipsoid container plus a piston that places the bottom. Its design principle is the shrinkage of the spring and does not allow air into the bottle, causing a vacuum state, and utilizing atmospheric pressure to advance the piston of the bottle. However, because the spring force and atmospheric pressure cannot be given enough strength, the piston cannot be attached to the bottle wall, otherwise the piston will not rise to the force due to great resistance; Therefore, the vacuum bottle is very high for the professionalism of manufacturers.

The launch of vacuum bottles comply with the latest development trend of skin care products, and can effectively protect the product fresh quality. However, due to the complexity of the vacuum bottle, the cost is high, the utilization of vacuum bottles is limited to limited categories of products, and it is impossible to completely spread in the market to meet the needs of different grades of skin care packaging.

At the same time, manufacturers pay attention to the protectiveness and decorativeness of cosmetic packaging, began to focus on the functionality of skin care packaging, enabling the concept of "fresh", "natural", "free preservative".

Vacuum packaging technology is a new concept with absolute advantages. This packaging technology has helped many new brands and new formulations to be launched. Once the vacuum packaging is assembled, the self-filled packaging to consumers, almost minimal air can enter the container, pollute or decompose the contents. This is the advantage of vacuum packaging, which provides a safe packaging emption to avoid contact with air, reducing the possible changes and oxidation, especially the urgent need to protect and accurate, and avoid adding preservatives. Calling on the sound, vacuum packaging is more important for extending product shelf life.

Vacuum packaging products are different from generally commonly seen a standard pump or spray pump, and the vacuum packaging is the principle of separating the inner cavity, and the content is extruded. When the endometrial sheet moves up to the inside of the bottle, a pressure is formed, and the content is present in a vacuum state that is nearly 100%. Another vacuum mode is to use a vacuum soft bag, placed inside the hard container, and the concept of use is almost the same. The former is widely used, is a very important selling point for the brand, because it costs less resources, can also be recognized as "green environmental protection".

Vacuum packaging also provides accurate usage control, when the bore and specific vacuum pressure are set, regardless of the supporting head shape, each use is accurate and quantitative. Therefore, the dose can be adjusted from a few parts or a few millilites, and it is adjusted according to the needs of the product. Product preservation and hygiene are the key value of the vacuum packaging. Once the content is taken out, there is no way to replace the original vacuum packaging. Since the design principle is to ensure that every use is fresh, safe, unparalleled, our product internal agencies, no spring rust, and will not pollute the content.

The packaging style of the vacuum bottle is different, and each customer's preferences are different. Customers can choose the corresponding vacuum bottle according to the brand positioning level and the crowd. The price of the vacuum bottle will be relatively high, and will have different styles. Different, customers can choose according to brand positioning!

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