Some benefits of Airless Bottle

2022-02-15 10:54:52


Some benefits of Airless Bottle:


No Dip Tubes


Dip tubes are used on traditional dispensing pumps. The liquid content is pushed through the tube when the dispensing pump nozzle is pressed. Dip Tubes must be cut to the bottle length which can be a costly and a time-consuming process. Airless bottle make this process obsolete.


Light in Weight


Airless bottles can be lighter in weight when compared to a single bottle with an extra pump. The reason for this is because the pump is part of the airless container. This is a good factor for transporting and reducing packaging costs.


Increased Shelf Life


Airless bottles are always sealed, even when using for dispensing. This is due to the contents being in a sealed vacuum. The contents of airless products can stay fresh as it is not exposed to the air. This gives consumers an increased shelf life of up to 15%.


Airless Bottle

Less Wastage


The vacuum dispensing effect draws the product out to create less wastage. Basic dispensing solutions tend to leave a surplus amount of liquid at the bottom of the container. Consumers tend to unscrew the pump and add water. Purchasers also tend to use a spatula to get the left-over cream, lotion or serum. Airless pump bottles make this problem disappear.


Recyclability Factor


Airless dispensing products can be recycled. The finished bottle can be pushed back into the recycling chain and be used again to create new plastic products.


Single, Dual or Triple


Airless bottles can be designed to be single, dual or triple product solutions. You might want to create a cosmetic product that offers a body lotion, face cream and hand lotion; all in one bottle. Chambers and pumps can be added inside the container to achieve this effective finish.


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