How to restore the vacuum bottle

How to restore the vacuum bottle

2021-04-07 14:59:29

You can detach the pump head first, then stamped the pallet with the hard object longer than the bottle, the vacuum bottle is restored. After the pump head of the vacuum bottle, the cosmetics can be filled in the vacuum bottle again and reuse it again. It is necessary to wash the jar before loading.

In general, the vacuum bottle will run in the bottom-up tray, and press the contents, when the content is used, the tray has ran to the top. Repeated use is to re-press this tray to the top, you can.

In cosmetics, vacuum bottles are very beneficial, allowing cosmetics in vacuum bottles to completely isolate external bacteria. The contents of the vacuum bottle and the air can be completely isolated, avoiding the product by exposure to air, breeding bacteria, and the vacuum bottle across the market is composed of a cylinder into an ellipsoid container plus a piston to place the bottom. Its design principle is the shrinkage of the spring and does not allow air into the bottle, causing a vacuum state, and utilizing atmospheric pressure to advance the piston of the bottle.

The vacuum bottle is the best bottle that solves the maintenance of the cream due to contact with air / bacteria, causing oxidation / quality. Vacuum bottles use vacuum short tubes and bottom pistons to exclude air in the bottle, through pressing the internal vacuum. This technology can avoid doubts about the contents of the contents, to remove product oxidation, metamorphism, to achieve anti-oxidation, anti-pollution, and no residual benefits.

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