How to maintain the continuous use of plastic bottles

2021-04-19 17:02:16


  How to maintain the continuous use of plastic bottles?


  At present, plastic bottles are used the most in the market, including beverage packaging, cosmetic packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging. In recent years, the continuous research and development of new materials has made plastics occupy most of the market, and also led to a shortage of materials.

plastic bottles


  Common plastic materials include PET, PS, PE, etc., but the petroleum required to produce them is very limited, and these materials themselves are also becoming less and less.


  Therefore, if you want to continue using plastic bottles, you must control two points:


  1. Focus on production.


  For example, many brand manufacturers mentioned in the previous article are buying many luxury cosmetic packaging bottles. And these packaging bottles cannot be completely recycled after use. Some of them are used for collection by consumers, and the other part is abandoned in the streets and alleys, which causes a waste of resources.


  2. Lightweight production of bottle body.


  The beauty of plastic bottles is important, but a qualified cosmetic packaging bottle not only requires aesthetics and practicality, but also takes into account multiple factors such as transportation, freight, and weight. Some manufacturers buy too many heavy-duty bottles, increasing shipping costs. Moreover, light-weight production can also save more materials. The sustainable development of energy has been an issue that has been discussed in recent years, and it is no exception in the cosmetic packaging industry. Maintaining the balance of the earth's resources is the obligation of every producer. Drinking poison to quench thirst will only perish faster, so benign production and competition are the right way.

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