Drop resistance of Acrylic Bottle

2022-02-24 14:43:11


Drop resistance of Acrylic Bottle:


Acrylic plastic bottles because of its appearance is very like glass bottles, material thick sense is also very similar, but both have a plastic bottle of the drop characteristics, and acrylic bottles can be better plastic, according to customer needs to provide more bottle type , Compared to glass bottles have a better price advantage. So much by the health care products, cosmetics bottles welcome the market, many high-end cosmetics, health care products are beginning to use acrylic bottles in this form of packaging, the domestic emergence of more and more professional manufacturer of acrylic bottles, acrylic bottle market space is also very Worth looking forward to. For the acrylic bottle of this form of packaging, we think we should vigorously promote, as consumers should also support this form of packaging. However, the acrylic bottle is currently there is a problem that is the recovery problem. Acrylic bottles if the waste environment is very difficult to resolve in the environment, the harm to the environment is very large.


Therefore, in the current rapid development of the market demand for acrylic bottles in the process, with special attention to the recycling of acrylic bottles. To avoid this form of packaging to become a new source of pollution. At the same time to increase the recycling of acrylic bottles of research, only the natural recovery of the market demand is the best solution to the means of recycling acrylic bottles. Similar to the appearance of acrylic bottles are glass bottles, but companies rarely use glass bottles to packaging emulsion products, the use of acrylic bottles more likely, mainly because from the following aspects of view, the use of this bottle than the effect Glass is better, more suitable for use in the packaging of emulsion products:


First, although the acrylic bottle has a light transmittance comparable to that of the glass, at least the transparency is visually not very different, but its density is much smaller than that of the glass, only half of the glass, so the weight is higher than that of the glass Bottle to light on a lot. At the same time the bottle is not as fragile as the glass, even if it is broken like a glass that does not form a sharp debris.


Acrylic Bottle

Second, the acrylic bottle wear resistance and aluminum close, so the surface is not easy because of friction obvious scars, but the glass is subject to greater friction, it will leave a trace, and in the chemical resistance of this The bottle is also stronger than the glass.


Third, the acrylic bottle has a good printability and sprayability, you can use the appropriate printing and spraying process to deal with the performance, so that the surface decoration effect is rich and varied, and can achieve a high degree of beauty, which is the glass can not do To the. Acrylic bottles not only in the use of which has a very good performance, to enhance the appearance of the product, from the visual to attract consumers at the same time, but also in the production of the following two advantages, the manufacturers in the production of such bottles Time, it can be very easy to optimize the production to complete the work, efficient production of high quality bottles:


Advantage 1: good processing performance. Acrylic bottles in the production of the performance of the primary advantage is that it has a good processing performance, either the use of thermoforming, can also be used in mechanical processing, which makes it easy for manufacturers to use a variety of ways to carry out the production and processing of bottles Work, the manufacturers in the equipment and technology is not too stringent requirements, this will reduce the production of difficult, in terms of production to improve flexibility.


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