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About China cosmetic packaging factory


Shaoxing Shangyu Yakin Packaging Co., Ltd., located in Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province, is dedicated to the production, sales and development of cosmetic packaging.


We have advanced mold CNC machining centers, experienced model designers, and have certain design and development capabilities. At the same time, we study the market, customer and industry needs, and launch fashionable and novel special products that meet market needs.


At the same time, we undertake customized packaging and logo business. Mold design and production takes 25 to 35 days to ensure quality and meet customer customized standards. If the order reaches a certain amount, the mold cost can be refunded.


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Quality is life.


The company is committed to doing every product, From injection molding source to finished product deliver. 


Every process needs to be tested and qualified before it can be put into the next production.



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Recommended Airless Bottle for you



Black plastic airless bottle & Cosmetic Packaging

Black plastic airless bottle Cosmetic Packaging

Capacity (ml): 15, 30, 30ml   Diameter (mm): 38  Height (mm): 103, 131, 169   Customization: logo

A black plastic airless bottle is a type of container that is used to store and dispense products such as lotions, creams, and gels. These bottles are made of a material that is impermeable to air, making them ideal for products that are sensitive to oxidation or spoilage. 




Blue airless cosmetic bottles & Cosmetic Packaging

Blue airless cosmetic bottles Cosmetic Packaging

Capacity (ml): 30, 60, 80, 100   Diameter (mm): 42, 47  Height (mm): 129, 159, 183, 194   Customization: logo

Blue airless cosmetic bottles are a popular choice for many beauty products, as they provide a clean and sleek look that helps products stand out on store shelves. Blue airless cosmetic bottles also have a number of benefits for both manufacturers and consumers.



Luxury airless cosmetic bottles & Cosmetic Packaging

Luxury airless cosmetic bottles & Cosmetic Packaging

Capacity (ml): 15, 30, 50   Diameter (mm): 43, 48  Height (mm): 99, 129, 154   Customization: logo

Luxury airless cosmetic bottles are a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their makeup or skincare products fresh and pollution-free. These bottles are designed to be completely airtight, so there is no risk of your product drying out or becoming contaminated with bacteria.



Function Features



Airless bottles have a number of advantages over traditional cosmetics packaging, such as pump dispensers and jars. First, airless bottles prevent oxygen and other atmospheric contaminants from entering the product, which can cause oxidation and other degradation. Second, airless packaging protects against bacteria and other microorganisms that can contaminate products. Third, airless bottles allow for a more controlled application of product, which can result in less waste. Finally, airless packaging is often more aesthetically pleasing than traditional packaging options.




✔ transparent ✔ easy to carry
✔ durable ✔ light weight
✔ Anti-drop ✔ cheap price
✔ Shatterproof ✔ Environmental friendly
✔ reusable  



An airless bottle is a type of packaging that doesn't allow air to enter or exit the container. This means that the product inside the bottle stays fresh and free from bacteria. Airless bottles are often used for cosmetics, skincare, and other products that need to be kept sterile.




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Check out other popular items



Classic Round Airless Bottle Mini Portable Recycled Airless Bottle with Pump Classic Round Airless Bottle


Classic Round Airless Bottle


Mini Portable Recycled Airless Bottle with Pump


Classic Round Airless Bottle

The Classic Round Airless Bottle is a high-quality, durable and eco-friendly option for packaging a wide variety of products.

There’s a new type of packaging that’s gaining popularity in the beauty and cosmetics industry- white airless bottles.

Luxury white cosmetic bottles are often made of glass or ceramic and are designed to be both beautiful and functional.



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About Airless Bottle:


Knowledge about Airless Bottle


An airless bottle is a type of packaging that contains no air. The absence of air prevents oxidation and preserves the freshness and potency of the product. Airless bottles are becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetic and skincare industry as they are an ideal way to package products that are sensitive to oxygen.


One of the main benefits of using airless bottles is that they can help to increase the shelf life of a product. Products that are packed in airless bottles can last for up to two years, whereas products in traditional packaging can only last for six months to one year.


Airless bottles are also very convenient to use. They are easy to dispense and allow you to get every last drop of product out of the bottle. Traditional packaging can often be wasteful as it is difficult to get all of the product out of the container.


How practical is the Airless Bottle


The Airless Bottle is a great innovation that allows you to store your liquids without the need for a pump or other moving parts. This means that the bottle is more durable and can be used in a wide variety of situations. The only downside is that the Airless Bottle is not yet widely available and can be quite expensive.


Plastic Bottle


What is the material of Airless Bottle


An airless bottle is a type of packaging that helps keep products fresh and free from contaminants. Airless bottles are made from materials such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP), or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). These materials are lightweight, durable, and have excellent barrier properties.


How to store the Airless Bottle


Assuming you have an airless bottle of lotion, the best way to store it is upright in a cool, dry place. If the lotion is stored in a warm or humid environment, it may thicken or become lumpy. Additionally, if the lotion is exposed to too much light, it may cause the color to fade.


What you need to know about the Airless Bottle factory


The Airless Bottle factory is a factory that manufactures airless bottles.  The Airless Bottle factory was founded in the year 2000, and it has been manufacturing airless bottles since then. The Airless Bottle factory manufactures bottles of different sizes, and they also have a wide range of colors to choose from. The Airless Bottle factory also manufactures other plastic products such as caps and lids.


How is the quality of the Airless Bottle factory


The quality of the Airless Bottle factory is very good. The products are made with high quality materials and the manufacturing process is very precise. The products are also very durable and have a long lifespan.


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